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  • Participate in a loyalty program and earn bonuses
  • Use faster and more convenient payment process
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Our services are as follows:

  • save money by getting the product you want,
  • opportunity to save time for purchase and order,
  • unlimited choice.

The purchased goods may not be returned or exchanged in the following cases:

  • The product is made by special order,
  • After shipping the order and \ or after receiving and leaving your order from HayPost, in both cases you sign that you confirm that the order was complete and safe at the time of delivery.

Yes, of course, all the products on our site are real and all the specifications are true.

Rhodium, osmium, palladium, medical alloys, steel, titanium.

  • Yes, you can also order jewelry that you won’t find in our range.
  • To order, please write to us, present your version / model of jewelry (definitely in the form of a picture with the appropriate description of the preparation),
  • Your order will be reviewed in a short period of time and we will notify you with a response notice regarding the preparation and delivery dates, pricing and payment method.

About payments

 You can make the payments below
 payment systems:

  1. Visa / Mastercard / ArCa,
  2. IDram, Yandex  money,
  3. Bank transfer to our account.

The purchased item is subject to change / cancellation prior to the commencement of the ordered product. The order preparation phase is considered to have commenced when you receive the relevant order process notice.

Yes, when you make a purchase you will receive a detailed account of your purchase at the email address you specified at the time of purchase. We therefore ask you, in order to avoid further complications and obstacles, to provide us with accurate and current data when filling in the relevant fields of purchase, as our organization is not responsible for any problems caused by the inconsistency of the data you provide / complete.

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